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Maximum number of sequences is 200 for proteins and 200 for nucleic acids.
Maximum length of sequences is 2000 for proteins and 6000 for nucleic acids.

Use the Gblocks program to eliminate poorly aligned positions and divergent regions

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Note: beside sequences count and average length limit for the alignment stage there is also a limitation on the phylogeny stage (sequences_count*sequences_count*aligned_sequence_length=80000000) that will be checked once the alignment is done.

Note: usual bootstrapping procedure is replaced by a new confidence index that is much faster to compute.
See Anisimova M., Gascuel O. Approximate likelihood ratio test for branchs: A fast, accurate and powerful alternative. Syst Biol. 2006, Aug;55(4):539-52. (PubMed) for details.

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