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Figure 1: Phylogenetic tree.
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Select an action:

Reset Reset (cancel all changes)
Reroot (mid-point) Mid-point rooting
Colorize using gi Use Genbank information to automatically rename leaves by: species and gi species only      colorize
Collapse Collapse branches having branch support value smaller than % or a number of bootstraps smaller than

Select an action and click leaf or internal branch:

Set leaf/subtree color Colorize leaf  branch     choose a color color box   and a legend label
Reroot (outgroup) Reroot (outgroup)
Flip subtree Flip (flip an entire tree at a node)
Swap subtrees Swap (flip two branches at a node)
Rename leaf Change leaf name
Add annotation Add leaf annotations color color box


Branch support values Branch lengths  None    color: color box
Display branch support values in %
Display legend



Tree style:

    Cladogram (ignore branch lengths)
    Radial (by Drawtree)
    Radial (by TreeDyn)

Image size:

80%     100%     150%     200%

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