BioNJ (doc)

Datatype: auto-select       protein       DNA

Upload your alignment (FASTA, Phylip, Clustal, EMBL or NEXUS format) or your distance matrixin case of a distance matrix, no parameter is used (Phylip or NEXUS format) from a file:

Or paste it here (load an example of alignment or an example of distance matrix)

Maximum number of taxa for a distance matrix: 5000;
Limits for nucleic acids: max. sequences = 5000, max. length = 5000;
Limits for proteins: max. sequences = 5000, max. length = 5000.


Number of bootstrapsIn the case of a protein analysis, realised by combining Seqboot (Phylip package) to perform bootstrap and Consense (Phylip package) to obtain the bootstrap tree from the BioNJ output (limit=1000). In the case of a nucleic acid analysis, realised by FastDist, and consensus generated by Consense (Phylip package) (limit=1000).:

Substitution model:   

Gamma distribution parameter (for amino-acid substitution models):    
Transition / transversion ratio (for nucleic acids):    

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