Robust Phylogenetic Analysis For The Non-Specialist
[Logo] is a free, simple to use web service dedicated to reconstructing and analysing phylogenetic relationships between molecular sequences. runs and connects various bioinformatics programs to reconstruct a robust phylogenetic tree from a set of sequences.

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doc  Dereeper A., Guignon V., Blanc G., Audic S., Buffet S., Chevenet F., Dufayard J.-F., Guindon S., Lefort V., Lescot M., Claverie J.-M., Gascuel O. robust phylogenetic analysis for the non-specialist Nucleic Acids Research. 2008 Jul 1; 36 (Web Server Issue):W465-9. Epub 2008 Apr 19. (PubMed)
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* Phylogeny analysis

"One Click"
Paste your set of sequences and let the software make decisions on your behalf (Each step is optimized for your data).
Manually set parameters for the various steps.
"A la Carte"
Create your own phylogeny workflow using more programs available.

* Explore your sequence neighbors

Paste your single sequence, run Blast and explore its homologous sequences.

* Online phylogeny programs

Direct access to the individual tools available on this server.
Multiple Alignment:Phylogeny:Tree viewers:Utilities:
MUSCLE PhyML TreeDyn Gblocks
T-Coffee / 3D-Coffee TNT Drawgram Jalview
ClustalW BioNJ Drawtree Readseq
ProbCons MrBayes ATV Format converter

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